Sunday, December 20, 2009

We'll stay inside til somebody finds us (and a DJ setlist)

So Boston finally got nailed by some snow. Naturally, it started right as I was leaving River Gods last night which made catching a cab a bit of a chore. Long story short, I waited for over an hour in the snow...thankfully I knew to wear layers...and I had BriPod to keep me company which helped me keep my cool by playing some Jesus And Mary Chain ("Head On") and The Cure ("One Hundred Years.") So today, aside from having to eventually leave the apartment to spin some industrial music over at WZBC (, it's been a lazy day in listening to records. It's while listening to records that I actually came across a song that fits the day perfectly: The National's "Apartment Story." Never before have these lyrics rung true...well, except for the "rosy-minded fuzz" part. I still haven't figured out quite what that part means:

The National - "Apartment Story"
"We'll stay inside til somebody finds us, do whatever the TV tells us, stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz for days"

And I'll openly admit, that my job sometimes makes me feel like I never left college. I still go out a lot (arguably more than I used to when I was younger), I often stroll into work disheveled and hungover (it helps that my office hours are 10am - 6pm) and I still get a holiday break. The only difference between this and college is that I don't get homework and I get paid which is a fine trade-off. So I'm a few days away from heading back home to spend the holidays with the fam, and as is usually the case, I like to get my fix of DJ'ing because, let's be honest here, it's the thing I do that makes me feel cooler than anyone. There's nothing like imposing my taste in music to a bunch of people hanging out and drinking. That said, here's my setlist from last night's gig- my usual once-a-month mostly New Wave night with my good friend, dj darkmoves (his list isn't included, but trust me, he spins awesome stuff, as well):

Angular Hair & Guitars: A New Wave / Post Punk / Indie Electro Night
Saturday, December 19, 2009
dj darkmoves & DJ Brian L.

dj darkmoves (9:03pm – 9:33pm) 
DJ Brian L.  (9:33pm – 10:03pm) 
Christmas Reindeer- The Knife
Only You- Yaz
L.E.S. Artistes- Santogold
Living On The Ceiling- Blancmange
Wordy Rappinghood- Tom Tom Club
My Love Is Better- Annie
Lights & Music- Cut Copy

dj darkmoves  (10:25pm – 11:25pm) [Vinyl-Only Set]
DJ Brian L. (11:02pm – 12:02am) [Vinyl-Only Set]
The Metro- Berlin
You Spin Me ‘Round (Like A Record)- Dead Or Alive
What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)- Information Society
Rio- Duran Duran
Getting Away With It- Electronic
The Look Of Love (Part One)- ABC
Look Sharp!- Joe Jackson
Mirror In The Bathroom- The English Beat
Watching The Detectives- Elvis Costello
The Guns Of Brixton- The Clash
Town Called Malice- The Jam
Out Of Control- U2
Just Like Heaven- The Cure
Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division
Ask- The Smiths
Postcards From Paradise- Flesh For Lulu
Do They Know It’s Christmas?- Band-Aid
dj darkmoves vs. DJ Brian L.(12:02am – 1am)
Jingles Are Jingles- Dan Phillips [darkmoves]
Cities In Dust- Siouxsie & The Banshees [darkmoves]
It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas- Pet Shop Boys [Brian L.]
Don’t You Want Me- The Human League [Brian L.]
Jizz In My Pants- The Lonely Island [darkmoves]
Erotic City- Prince[darkmoves]
Bad Romance (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)- Lady GaGa [Brian L.]
Ride A White Horse- Goldfrapp [Brian L.]
Round And Round- New Order [darkmoves]
Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs [darkmoves]
Warm Leatherette- Peter Murphy / Trent Reznor [Brian L.]
Who’s That Girl- Robyn [Brian L.]
Fun Punch- Bag Raiders vs. Sammy Bananas [darkmoves]
One More Chance- Bloc Party [darkmoves]
Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses [Brian L.]
Oh yeah, and that Top 10 Songs of 2009's coming soon. 

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