Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eyeliner and mixtapes

Just recently a few people told me that I was responsible for getting them interested in The Joy Formidable. And yes, I do talk about that band a lot and perhaps may even be a little obsessed with them to the point that I've dedicated many a Tweet and Facebook status to the awesomeness of JoyFo (as I like to call them.)

The strange part though, was that of the people who mentioned the whole JoyFo thing, none of them has ever gotten a mixtape (or technically, a mix CD) from me. Obviously, I was that guy among my friends who always made mixtapes if for no other reason than to share some of my current obsessions with others. The coolest part of sharing a mix with someone is when they come back to me and point out the one song that they loved. For some reason, it was always the song on the mix I loved most, which usually meant "Dominos" from The Big Pink.

So in the spirit of the mixtape and because I'm a bit of a music nerd, here's something I put together on 8tracks.com which is a pretty neat site that a friend recently recommended to me. Chances are this won't be the first mixtape I'll be posting up here.

Sometimes, I just have to embrace my inner goth. It's a tag I haven't been able to shake. Thankfully, it's becoming a bit easier these days since a lot of indie bands have also been going in a dark pop route. This first mix, then, pulls together some of my favorite acts that make donning eyeliner and dressing in black fashionable again. Coincidentally there just happens to be 13 songs on this mix.

Black Eyeliner Goes With Everything
1. Esben and the Witch: "Chorea"
2. Zola Jesus: "Lightstick"
3. Austra: "Beat And The Pulse"
4. Bat For Lashes: "Strangelove" (Depeche Mode cover)
5. Andre Obin: "The Arsonist"
6. Ladytron: "Ace Of Hz"
7. Light Asylum: "Skullfuct"
8. Handsome Furs: "What About Us"
9. Cold Cave: "Villains Of The Moon"
10. Soft Kill: "From This Point"
11. Abe Vigoda: "Dream Of My Love (Chasing After You)"
12. Principe Valiente: "New Life"
13. O. Children: "Dead Disco Dancer"