Wednesday, March 14, 2012

By Request

Forgive me while I get on my soap box but It's no secret that I'm a bit of a music snob. It's also no secret that I'm a DJ. In this day and age, though, that second sentence is fairly common thanks to whatever software is out there that makes it so that anyone with a hard drive full of MP3s can call themselves a "DJ." I know I come across sounding like a bit of a jerk when I say this, but I never thought I'd be considered old-school for the way I spin music. To me, there's a certain badge of honor in lugging around a crapload of CDs and records - yes, actual vinyl records. I won't lie, though, I may not be the best at beat-matching or blending songs together, but in my mind, being highly proficient is secondary to the actual music. I don't judge DJs by how well they mix, but by the quality of the music they play. And yes, this is where my snobbery comes into play, but I tend to gain respect when I see someone using CDs and records. In some ways, it's about the hardware not the software (which may or may not make actual sense but it sounds good.)

I realize the above paragraph may piss some people off and I'm ok with that. So to make up for it, here's a mixtape!

So the theme behind this mixtape is simple. The other night, I spun music with two dear friends (DJ Big Missy and DJ Chris Ewen) as part of a night that the three of us host and book called Weekly Wax. On this evening, we just wanted to DJ together since we hardly ever get the opportunity to just hang out and enjoy what we each have to offer musically. Plus whenever the three of us get together we also end up having a kickass poster made for our night:

(A million thanks to our good friend, Ana for designing this, by the way)

So as requested by our friend and fellow Amigo, Bridget (a.k.a. DJ Nemesis), who sadly, had to miss the event, this Wednesday Night Mixtape is a compilation of what I played on Monday. A little electropop, a little post-punk, some dreampop, songs from recent obsessions (School Of Seven Bells and Autochrome), and yes, even some Nine Inch Nails. In short, a very "DJ Brian L" kind of set.

Wednesday Night Mixtape
1. Labyrinth Ear, "Humble Bones"
2. Nine Inch Nails, "Ringfinger"
3. Cold Cave, "Confetti"
4. Depeche Mode, "It's No Good"
5. M83, "Intro" (feat. Zola Jesus)
6. I Break Horses, "Winter Beats"
7. Exitmusic, "The Modern Age"
8. Neon Indian, "Fallout"
9. Black Marble, "Pretender"
10. Blouse, "Time Travel"
11. A Place To Bury Strangers, "Onwards To The Wall"
12. Autochrome, "We Are The System"
13. Soft Kill, "From This Point"
14. School Of Seven Bells, "Low Times"
15. Light Asylum, "End Of Days"
16. Charli XCX, "Nuclear Seasons"
17. Niki & The Dove, "DJ Ease My Mind"
18. Ladytron, "Seventeen"

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