Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Album Stream: Blood Red Shoes "In Time To Voices"

Monday mornings generally suck. In my case, however, all mornings suck...again referring back to that whole "me being kind of a night person"-thing. But today got just a little better thanks to me stumbling upon this. A full album stream of Blood Red Shoes' latest album, In Time To Voices (which is due out next week) courtesy of NME. Apparently, I have a thing for guitar and drum duos who make big-sounding songs (also see: Japandroids) and this duo from the UK fits that description to a tee. For some reason, aside from two or three friends of mine, not many people really know of Blood Red Shoes. Hopefully that changes soon. In the meantime, turn this up and become immersed.

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