Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two For One

For this entry of Random Ramblings & Mixtapes, I finally get started with collecting the songs I've pretty much obsessed over for the last month. But since we're at the beginning of March, and also since I only came up with this whole idea of doing a "Monthly Favorites Mixtape," I'm doing a little catch-up and I'll be including two (YES, TWO) mixtapes - a January 2012 Mixtape and a February 2012 Mixtape (obvi.) Also, this gives me an excuse to use that absolutely ridiculous image above of wolves sitting in the snow. I swear I don't actually own that calendar.

The idea behind this series of Monthly Favorites is simple: Put together a mix of songs that were on super-heavy rotation on BriPod. A lot of times these songs will have already appeared on previous mixtapes (in which case, I'll include a link to the original blog entry), but ideally these all got officially released in said calendar month. I'll aim to keep things concise, as in no more than 10 songs, but there will be times I'll get long-winded. Hard to believe, I know.

January 2012 Mixtape
A majority of this mixtape is also available to be heard on Spotify: January 2012 Mixtape [Random Ramblings & Mixtapes]

1. Big Deal, "Chair": Boy/Girl UK duo sometimes talk dirty, sometimes get sappy with just a touch of fuzz. No drums needed. Originally appeared on File Under: Miscellaneous

2. Porcelain Raft, "Drifting In And Out": A fuzzy and dreamy synthpop standout off of Porcelain Raft's beloved album, Strange Weekend. The single, "Put Me To Sleep" appeared on Looking Forward - Part 2.

3. John Talabot, "Destiny" feat. Pional: A surprisingly emotive album from a techno/deep house producer hailing from Barcelona. John Talabot's ƒIN is a truly addictive listen. This record reminds me a bit of Four Tet's There Is Love In You which is a good thing.

4. Expensive Looks, "Nothing More": This bit of indie/dance music is a bit more my speed. This one also originally appeared on Looking Forward - Part 2.

5. Motor, "Man Made Machine (feat. Martin L. Gore)": Stompy EBM with vocals from Depeche Mode's Martin L. Gore. Originally appeared on what is essentially the first part of my Looking Forward series.

6. The Big Pink, "1313": This band's sophomore effort, Future This, is one of those rare albums that gets constant play on both BriPod and on my record player (the vinyl is pink, of course.) So rather than stick with one of the singles, I figured I'd go with one my favorite tracks off the album. Have I mentioned how much I love this band?

7. TOY, "Left Myself Behind": This one is holding steady as one of my favorite songs of the year...so far. It originally appeared on Looking Forward - Part 2.

8. Pop.1280, "Bodies In The Dunes": Some evil-sounding noise punk straight out of the gutters of NY. Originally on Looking Forward.

9. Cloud Nothings, "Stay Useless": Cleveland power pop wunderkind gets bratty with some help from Steve Albini.

February 2012 Mixtape 
Some of this mixtape is also available to be heard on Spotify: February 2012 Mixtape [Random Ramblings & Mixtapes]

1. Band Of Skulls, "Sweet Sour": UK power trio out to save rock one big, Zeppelin-sized riff at a time.

2. Black Marble, "On My Head": New York duo combine minimal wave with post punk and end up sounding like early Cure submerged underwater.

3. A Place To Bury Strangers, "Onwards To The Wall": The title track to these New York noise-mongers latest EP shows some surprising restraint and even more surprising, some guest female vocals. And just so I can bring up The Cure again, fellow DJ's should take note: this song mixes really well after "Grinding Halt."

4. Young Boys, "It's Alright": A friend of mine suggested this band to me by describing them as "a little like The Jesus And Mary Chain." He had me at "Mary Chain." If you're into fuzzy basslines and laconic vocals like me, then I highly recommend downloading their EP here: http://youngboys.bandcamp.com/

5. Sleigh Bells, "End Of The Line": It's no secret that I have a huge crush on Sleigh Bells, particularly, Alexis Krauss (see: Valentine's Day Crushes, Commercial Music, or even Looking Forward - Part 2.) Reign Of Terror has been on constant rotation on BriPod and honestly, picking one song that I was obsessed with more than another is pretty tough. So I went with a Sleigh Bells slow jam.

6. School Of Seven Bells, "Low Times": Probably my other favorite album of the last 2 months is SVIIB's Ghostory. It perfectly mixes dreampop and shoegaze with just a touch of goth. Before even hearing the whole album, I would have guessed that "Lafaye" was a shoe-in for this Monthly Favorites Mix since it appeared as a stream in Looking Forward and as part of the Anticipation 2012 - Vol. 2 mixtape in Looking Forward - Part 2. But the decision as to what song to include was tough so I went with the one I most want to hear in a dark dance club setting.

7. Labyrinth Ear, "Humble Bones": Speaking of a dark dance club, this one from UK synthpop duo, Labyrinth Ear, would totally fit on strobe-lit dancefloor.

8. Trust, "This Ready Flesh": OK, admittedly, I leaned towards dark, goth-tinged dance music. Trust fulfills every part of that last sentence. The cover to their debut full-length, TRST, is totally goth. I would totally sneak this song into an industrial set...possibly following some Front 242.

9. Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy, "DoYaThing": Who doesn't like Gorillaz? Or Andre 3000? Or James Murphy, for that matter? This one appeared in File Under: Miscellaneous.

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