Friday, April 6, 2012

March Onward

Newton's third law of motion states that "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." And yes, I did just look that up on Wikipedia. To be fair, physics was never my thing; I'm more of a math guy. Yet for some reason, I took AP Physics in high school It was the first time I ever felt dumb in a class. So the reason I bring up all this smart-talk is because after having such a great week of live music there just had to be something to counteract it. Simply put, this week at work has really sucked. My original intent for this week's mixtape was to continue basking in last week's awesomeness by putting together a simple playlist of my favorite songs ever. Then as this week wore on, I thought "how about an angry mixtape?" Alas, I took the easy route and since we're at the very beginnings of April, now would be the perfect time for our March installment of the "Monthly Favorites Mixtape."

Don't fret though, "Brian L.'s Favorite Songs Ever" in mixtape form will happen. Especially since next week, I'll finally get to see my favorite Britpop band of all time. That would be Pulp, by the way - I'm traveling all the way to NY to see them and yes, I am very stoked. Even cooler is that I get back to Boston the next day in time to see The Horrors. Good days are coming back. In the meantime, enjoy the March 2012 Mixtape.


March 2012 Mixtape
A majority of this mixtape is also available to be heard on Spotify: March 2012 Mixtape [Random Ramblings & Mixtapes]

1. The Magnetic Fields, "Your Girlfriend's Face": I've expressed my love for The Magnetic Fields on countless occasions. Their latest album, Love At The Bottom Of The Sea continues the love-affair. This song's opening lines puts a smile on my face right away. I mean, honestly, who doesn't like upbeat tunes that talk about contract killers?

2. Delta Spirit, "Tear It Up": One of a handful of bands that survived BriPod's Great Folk Exorcism. Also, one of the bands I got to see during last week's nonstop show bender. This one is my favorite off their latest, self-titled album. It first appeared in File Under Miscellaneous

3. Oberhofer, "Landline": More upbeat indie pop to prove that I don't only listen to dark gothy stuff. But for real, Oberhofer's latest album, Time Capsules II is a jolt of energy that finds the midpoint between Los Campesinos!'s hyperactivity and Beach Boys prettiness.

4. Bishop Morocco, "Bleeds": Dreampop with a subtle Krautrock pulse. This Toronto band's latest 6-song EP, Old Boys one-ups their promising 2010 debut album as they ditch some of the underwater chillwave influences for something a bit sharper.

5. Autochrome, "We Are The System": I've been accused of being obsessed with this band. In my defense, it's been a while since I've fallen so hard for a band that, to me, is local. Right now, Autochrome might be Boston's best-kept secret but one listen to their debut, Separation Realms - an impressive and surprisingly polished collection of shadowy yet danceable post-punk - and anyone will be converted. At this rate, they won't stay a secret for very long. This one is a staple of their live set and it was first posted on By Request.

6. Blood Red Shoes,"Cold": Speaking of best-kept secrets, this UK duo is on the verge of their big breakout moment. Their just released third album, In Time To Voices is an ambitious collection of 90's-tinged indie rock that's not afraid to soar to stratospheric heights. "Cold" is the album's killer first single and it first appeared here on My So-Called Life Marathon and Another Anticipation Mixtape.

7. Spector, "Chevy Thunder": My love of UK indie rock is well-documented. This difficult-to-Google band gets a lot of comparisons to fellow-countrymen, The Vaccines and The Killers. I honestly don't hear the latter but I can get behind The Vaccines similarities. "Chevy Thunder" is destined for drunken sing-alongs. Not bad for a band who has only released 4 singles to date.

8. Titus Andronicus, "Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape with the Flood of Detritus": And when it comes to perfecting the art of drunken sing-alongs, New Jersey's Titus Andronicus has made a career of it. Sure, they have a tendency to get a bit long-winded but all is forgiven by the time the chorus turns into rapturous, beer-soaked screams of joy. And that's only this song. Even better is that they've made this one, as well as a slew of live songs and covers (including their charmingly messy take on Weezer's "El Scorcho") available as a free download entitled Titus Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1. Hmmm, a mixtape...I like the way they think. Download it HERE.

9. Tanlines, "All Of Me": This Brooklyn duo was the only reason I enjoyed the Julian Casablancas concert. They definitely redeemed the fact that Julian just flopped at his attempt at electropop. I walked away from the show thinking, "at least Tanlines was good."

So there it is! Until the next mixtape. Listen loud!

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