Friday, May 25, 2012

Love, Boston

It may not be New York. It may not even be Seattle. But Boston isn't a bad music city. That's a fact that has sometimes become forgotten over the course of the almost two decades that I've been living here. I remember first moving out here for college thinking how lucky I was to be in a place where artists like the Lemonheads, Letters To Cleo, Helium, Tracy Bonham, and Juliana Hatfield were all considered "local." And as years wore on I fell for bands that I was sure were going to be huge (Mistle Thrush, Jack Drag, Morphine.) However, I will admit, I reached a point where my tastes were drawn towards bands outside this city. Also, it didn't help that an absolutely crappy band like Godsmack identified Boston as home.

Thankfully, in the last couple of years I've rediscovered my love of local music. It happened in a slow burn kind of way - first I was won over by a band like Hallelujah The Hills then Mean Creek. Slowly but surely other bands crept in and before I knew it, I was seeking out Boston bands to love.

So this mixtape is dedicated to the city I've once again fallen for. And to the artists that make this place special. Right off the bat, I do apologize to all the great bands that I didn't include -- Bodega Girls, The New Highway Hymnal, Ghost Box Orchestra, Stereo Telescope, Sidewalk Driver. In all honesty, I had a tough time narrowing this down.

Love, Boston
1. Autocrhome, "Hands Over The City": Easily my current favorite Boston band. I've had friends accuse me of being obsessed with them, and honestly, I don't even fight it anymore. Dark, danceable, and awesome.

2. You Shriek, "Pearly-Dewdrops Drops": A long-running goth act that I've always loved. This one is a recent cover they did of a Cocteau Twins song.

3. AVOXBLUE, "Footfalls": Solo project of Jimmy Rossi, Jr. of the December Sound. Dark, dreamy electropop. I've spun this song in a DJ set recently, and FYI, it mixes quite well into Depeche Mode's "It's No Good."

4. The December Sound, "Kill Me (Before I Kill You)": I have to admit, I have yet to see The December Sound live but I do know that they're new stuff is pretty mindblowing. This one goes back a few years. Oh and they also do a killer version of The Jesus And Mary Chain's "Reverence" major points for that!

5. André Obin, "Cinnamon": More proof that Boston electropop is alive and well. When he's not fronting fuzz poppers, Endless Wave, he's making music that might be even more infectious than his main gig. Even though he's got more recent material out, I had to go with my absolute favorite track of his which dates back to 2008.

6. Earthquake Party!, "Brains" (recorded live at O'Brien's): I instantly fell for this lo-fi noise punk trio. Short, catchy as hell songs go a very long way with me. One time I swear I saw them do a 20-minute set opening for Surfer Blood. They packed about 10 songs into that timespan.

7. Boom Said Thunder, "Modern Girls": I have a thing for noise-pop trios. I think this one may have dropped the punctuation in their name, but they're still as fierce as can be. Kind of like early Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Death From Above 1979. No guitars necessary.

8. RIBS, "Kiss": Who needs Muse when we've got RIBS?

Bonus Tracks:
Just some links worth checking out. Some free downloads in there as big deal.
Autochrome -
You Shriek -
The December Sound -
André Obin -
Earthquake Party! -
Boom Said Thunder -
Hallelujah The Hills -
The New Highway Hymnal -
Stereo Telescope -
Ghost Box Orchestra -
Sidewalk Driver -
Mean Creek -

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  1. Hey Brian, nice list, I can already tell I like the Autochrome a lot. Will listen to more when I get over the Superstition hump. I've got too much music in my head right now. Cheers!