Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clouds Of Sound

Don't tell anyone, but some days there are so many things I'd rather be doing than being at work. Today is one of those days. For instance, instead of doing work, I would have preferred to watch the ominous clouds that rolled in just before the rain started (however, those pictured above are not said ominous clouds.) So since motivation is low, I thought I'd share some new music in Soundcloud form - see what I did there? Here are 5 songs that somehow inspire procrastination.

First up, a new one from Brooklyn's Black Marble. Their EP, Weight Against The Door has been a favorite of mine since its February release. A cool mix of minimal coldwave synths and a touch of post punk. They've got a full-length debut entitled, A Different Arrangement due out on October 9th. "A Great Design" is the first taste of that album.

It makes me happy that there's a healthy electronic music scene happening in Boston at the moment. This one track brings together two of my favorite artists as Avoxblue's icy synthpop track, "Dreaming Thru Your Eyes" gets the remix treatment from André Obin who adds a warm-blooded pulse that would fit perfectly on any darkly lit dancefloor.

As much as I like to play up the fact that my music tastes lean towards the darker end of the musical spectrum, there are those occasions when even my cold heart can be warmed by some sappy indie pop. This is the reasoning I use when I listen to Stars. It also helps that they write some pretty great songs. "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It" is off their forthcoming album, North due out on September 4th. This one would definitely make the cut for the next mixtape I make for a crush.

Sometimes I think of Band Of Horses as a guilty pleasure which is totally unfair to them. It's mostly because I always fool myself into thinking they're jammy which is not the case at all. The last time I saw them live, they rocked way more than I expected them to. And they held back enough just when it seemed like they would go on an endless jam. They've got a new album due out on September 18th entitled, Mirage Rock and going by this first single, "Knock Knock," they'll have an easy time living up to the second part of that title.

Full disclosure: I HATE Fleetwood Mac. I actually found my older brother's Rumours record recently and listened to it and couldn't even make it through one side. I don't get their sudden hipster appeal...but maybe that's just me. ON THE OTHER HAND, I love Lykke Li. Her voice alone is what makes me like this cover of "Silver Springs." (Also, The Kills do a pretty great cover of "Dreams." I chalk that up to the fact that Alison Mosshart can do no wrong.)

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