Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Morning Album Stream: Grassfight "Icon, EP2"

The sweet feeling of being hungover at work the morning after a DJ gig. It's something I've gotten used to even though I usually DJ on Monday nights. It makes Tuesdays interesting but it also renders me borderline useless for that first hour in the office. So what better time than to search and share some new music. Today's pick comes from a New York band known as Grassfight. I first heard them on Flyweight which happens to be my favorite show on WZBC (wzbc.org/) [Full disclosure: my radio show, The Industrial Factory is on right before Flyweight.]  Grassfight describes their sound as post punk and indie rock but let's face it: if I'm raving about them there's got to be a little gothiness thrown in there, right? Well, yes...of course there is. Shadowy post-punk in the best way possible. Have a listen to their brand new release, Icon, EP2 and become immersed.

It's long overdue, but tonight, I will finally catch up.Which is to say a June 2012 Mixtape will finally surface on here.

So much music and not enough time to take it all in.

Bonus Links:
Since I mentioned them above here are the Facebook links to The Industrial Factory (my radio show on WZBC) and Flyweight (my favorite show also on 'ZBC)

WZBC- The Industrial Factory  https://www.facebook.com/pages/WZBC-The-Industrial-Factory/314668155946

WZBC- Flyweight https://www.facebook.com/wzbc.flyweight

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