Friday, August 31, 2012

More Commercial Music

I admit, I tend to watch some bad TV. But my taste in television programs balances out my impeccable taste in music. I may not completely come clean as to what shows I watch but I will openly list Law & Order (all of them), Burn Notice, Leverage, and any type of hidden camera exposé-type shows (most recently, Restaurant Stakeout) as some favorites. Even still, most of the time I choose to have the television on mute, soundtracked by whatever records I may throw on my stereo.  But there is that less-than-rare occasion when during a commercial, a song catches my ear and like any good music geek, I rush to write it down in the event that I need to compile a list of commercial songs...or in this case when the inclination to put together a mixtape comes calling. So here it is: our second As Heard On TV mixtape. Last time we did this in February (, it was triggered by Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" appearing in that Super Bowl Audi commercial. This time, Matt & Kim's latest ad jingle/single, "Let's Go" (which shills the Sony Xperia) is the catalyst for this mixtape- not because I want to include it but more because I'd rather hear these commercial songs.


As Heard On TV II [Random Ramblings & Mixtapes]

As Heard On TV II
1.  Violent Femmes, "Blister In The Sun": Back before it was ever called "alternative" any quirky, left-of-center rock acts were deemed "college rock." It's a term I never quite fully grasped. Oddly, "Blister In The Sun" is the first track on a an actual mixtape I used to listen to in high school so it's fitting that it kicks this off. It most recently appeared in an HP commercial.

2. Bryan Ferry, "The 'In' Crowd": I heard this one in a DSW commercial. It figures that someone as suave as the man who is voice of Roxy Music would end up soundtracking something having to do with fashion. I just expected it to be for Victoria's Secret or something a bit sexier.

3. M83, "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire": I still can't wrap my head around the fact that M83 is huge now. This one is off their great double album from last year, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming and it's the song I lovingly refer to as "the frog song." It was a nice surprise to hear this in an Expedia ad. I recently used Expedia to book a trip. I guess the commercial worked.

4. Lykke Li, "Get Some (Remix by Beck)": I believe this one appears in an ad for Lexus. Admittedly, I wasn't sure who it was, at first, but when I heard her voice I knew it had to be Lykke Li in remix form.

5. Yaz, "Situation": Not only is this song in an eSurance commercial, but it's one where they compare buying insurance to making mixtapes. Or something like that...I was distracted by the fact that two things I loved were appearing at once: that being Yaz and mixtapes, obvi. On a sidenote, this song stresses me out to play whenever I DJ because of how the music just drops out at about the 4-minute mark. It's a fear I'll never get over.

6. Depeche Mode, "Just Can't Get Enough": I'm all for this outpouring of love for Vince Clarke, albeit by some sort of coincidence. Hearing this song in a Staples ad is weird, but so is hearing it when the current incarnation of DM perform it live, so to me, it's a wash. It's hard not to like this song with its bubblegum chorus and sweet synths. Now, if only we can get an Erasure song to appear in a Target ad or something...

7. Cold Cave, "Life Magazine": The Verizon commercial that this song appears in may be outdated by now, but I just wanted a reason to include this song. Mainly because I forgot to include it in the first installment of As Heard On TV.

8. Atari Teenage Riot, "Black Flags": For a short period of time in 1997, I thought Atari Teenage Riot were going to be huge. To me, their gnashing mix of hardcore punk, thrash metal, techno, and industrial was on the verge of being a global phenomenon. Man, was I wrong. ATR released a great comeback album last year entitled Is This Hyperreal? which picked up where their 1997 album, Burn, Berlin, Burn! left off. It's really too bad that dubstep/brostep has taken over because the digital hardcore that Alec Empire and company practiced is so much more visceral than those meat-headed bass dropping dubstep idiots could ever produce.  Oh where was I? Right...this song is used in a Sony video game-type ad.

9. The Joy Formidable, "Austere": I'll happily post any song by this band. Clearly they've become one of my favorites since first hearing them almost 2 years ago. They've got a new album due out in 2013. In the meantime, "Austere" could be heard in an EA Sports video game ad and maybe even another one I'm not aware of. But really, any reason to blast The Joy Formidable is a good one.

10. Interpol, "The Heinrich Maneuver": Probably the last truly great Interpol song. It was good to hear this one resurrected in a Verizon ad. I only wish more of it got played.

11. The Clash, "London Calling": Perhaps the most surprising song to appear in a commercial. I'm guessing timeliness played an important factor in hearing this in a British Airways ad since it was so close to the Olympics. Another sidenote: I was bummed that I missed the closing ceremonies because I couldn't catch the Spice Girls reunion. I'm not even kidding. I was comforted to find out that they didn't do "Say You'll Be There." So yeah...The Clash!

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