Friday, August 3, 2012

Night Clouds

I tell everyone that I listen to music all the time. It may seem like an exaggeration but in all honesty, it's pretty close to the truth. And on those days when things gets stressful, music seems to be the only thing that can save me.  It's funny how hearing a 3-minute song can turn things around. So here goes - a new batch of songs that may not change the world but at this very moment, they're all perfect in their own way.

Diamond Rings - "I'm Just Me"
This song pretty much inspired this post. After a long day at work when all I wanted to do was crash, "I'm Just Me" brought me back to life. Glammed up electro-pop with a larger-than-life chorus that's instantly addictive. It's the first single off an as-of-yet-untitled album due out later this year on Astralwerks.

Crystal Castles - "Plague"
Always sounding as if they're on the brink of imploding is practically Crystal Castles' calling card. "Plague" may not stray too far from familiar terrain, but that doesn't stop it from being a chaotic blast of synth/noise goodness.

Moon King - "Only Child"
Sometimes I listen to songs by bands I've never heard of. Such is the case with Moon King. I stumbled upon this Toronto duo while procrastinating one day and was floored by this song. Its dark undercurrent hints at both Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins. So yes, there's a little gothiness in obvious reason as to how it won me over.

Ringo Deathstarr - "Rip"
A quick shot of fuzz-soaked noise pop makes everything better. These Austin rockers have got a new album due out in September and "Rip" is its way-too-short first single.

Bloc Party - "Day Four"
And we close out this installment with what is essentially a Bloc Party slow-jam. Their comeback album is due out on August 20th and "Day Four" practically ensures a welcome return for a band whose ambitious musical output seems to have come full circle.

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