Sunday, September 2, 2012

Late Night Album Stream: BEAK> "BEAK>>"

There are some long weekends tailor-made for non-stop partying, but then there are those that are perfect for hiding out from the outside world. This happens to be the latter. Admittedly, hiding out on September 1st in Boston is almost advisable since it also happens to be a big move-in day for the seemingly endless amount of students returning to the area. It's a good reason to become immersed in new music. So this late night soundtrack comes from a UK trio known as BEAK>. They're one of those bands I'd been meaning to check out, mainly because one of their members happens to be Geoff Barrow of Portishead. The band's second album, BEAK>> is a hypnotic collection of droning Krautrock. A very logical move from Barrow considering the motorik pulse that found its way onto Portishead's Third and its subsequent follow-up single, "Chase The Tear." But its the album's surprising twists-- the warped guitars and psychedelic haze of "Wulfstan II" or the gurgling electronics of "Yatton"-- that calls for repeated listens. Give BEAK>> a try below.

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