Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Afternoon Album Stream: Happy New Year "Happy New Year" + 3 Bonus Tracks

Some Mondays are better than others. Especially the ones that are filled with unexpected, awesome new music both from new discoveries and from artists that have quickly become favorites.

First up, is Eleanor Logan, an Australian-born Brooklyn artist who records and performs under the impossible-to-Google name, Happy New Year. I stumbled upon her self-titled debut album solely because it was described to me as being "dark dreampop." And to be honest, that's a pretty accurate assessment. There's plenty of lush, guitar and synth textures throughout but things do work best when the mood darkens just a bit as heard on the punchy beats of the hazy "Cranes" or on the slight goth swirl of "Gold Medallion." Give it a try below:

Weekend, "Sirens"
Keeping up with the "Difficult-To-Google"-theme, is Weekend. Not to be confused with indie/R&B Drake associates, The Weeknd, this Bay Area trio literally made a lot of noise with their great 2010 album, Sports and it's equally excellent follow-up EP, Red. "Sirens" is the first track to emerge from a forthcoming album due out in 2013 and while the volume seems to be toned down, the song's focus becomes its rumbling bassline and distant, echoing guitar chimes showcasing some new found restraint. Proof that Weekend can be just as much about the pop, as they are about the noise.

AVOXBLUE, "Stop Trying To Start Things Over (Parasols Remix)"
Up next, is one of my favorite local Boston electronic artists, AVOXBLUE. Earlier this year, AVOX mastermind, Jimmy Rossi, Jr. (also of awesome noisy shoegazers, The December Sound) released A Place Without Time, a collection of infectious, dreamy electropop. A remix companion is in the works but before the entire thing sees the light of day, he's given us a couple of glimpses as to what can be expected. He previously shared the pulsing AndrĂ© Obin remix of "Dreaming Thru Your Eyes" (which you can listen to here.) Now comes Parasol's hauntingly gorgeous synth-goth remix of the EP's title track, now renamed as "Stop Trying To Start Things Over (Parasols Remix of AVOXBLUE)."

Cold Cave, "A Little Death To Laugh"
Finally, a brand new one from an act that became a favorite fairly instantaneously. I was won over completely by the title track to Cold Cave's 2009 debut, Love Comes Close with its nods to both Joy Division and New Order. But it was the lead single to Cherish The Light Years, the industrialized "The Great Pan Is Dead" that had me pledge my undying loyalty to this band. Now with a new lineup in tow and a new album in the works, Wesley Eisold unleashes this bit of icy coldwave-pop recorded solo prior to assembling his new band and inspired by the late poet, Tristan Cobriere.

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