Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday Clouds

There's hardly such a thing as a "Quiet Saturday Night." Even those occasions when there isn't much in the way of actually going out there's at least some sound to get lost inside of.  

The Soft Moon - "Insides" & "Die Life"
Oakland's The Soft Moon joins Soft Kill and Soft Metals on the short list of "Soft" bands that I've fallen for over in the last year or so. But unlike the coldwave/minimal electro/old-school EBM of Soft Metals or the sleek synth-goth of Soft Kill, Luis Vasquez' The Soft Moon explores darker territories where post-punk and guttural industrial textures meet. It's a wonder it took this long for me to really become enamored by their music, but going by the two advance tracks off the forthcoming Zeros (due out on October 30 on Captured Tracks), The Soft Moon is on the fast track of becoming a full-fledged obsession.

Io Echo - "Ministry Of Love"
LA-based shoegazers, Io Echo have the distinction of being handpicked to open for Nine Inch Nails during their final show back in 2009. Now, they've got a new EP entitled Ministry Of Love due out on October 16th on IAMSOUND. Both the soaring title track as well as the equally awesome "Carnation" (featuring an assist from Johnny Pierce of The Drums) are filled with rumbling basslines, shimmering guitars, and the enchanting vocals of Ionna Gika. 

earthquake party! - Let's Rock, OK? EP
A quick blast of fuzzed out noise punk from one of my favorite Boston bands, earthquake party! The trio manages to make the most of the EP's 3-song/4-minute span squeezing out something catchy and worthy of repeated listens.

Bonus Video:

The Joy Formidable - "Cholla"
I'll take any excuse to post something by The Joy Formidable. They're easily one of my new favorite bands from the last 2 years or so. "Cholla" is the first proper single off JoyFo's forthcoming 2nd album, Wolf's Law, due out in January 2013. A loud, buzzsaw of a song that settles into a nice gallop -- big-sounding without being overindulgent. Take a peek at the video below and turn up the volume as far as it goes.

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