Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thinking California

Growing up in Brooklyn in the mid to late 80's meant I loved two things: hair metal and MTV. This is back when bands were all about decadence. An era when Aquanet, bad guitar solos, and power ballads ruled. To an impressionable kid entering his teenage years, Los Angeles became the place to be-- the glitz, the glamour, the Sunset Strip. I wanted to be there. As the years wore on, LA became less of a mythical utopia. As a life-long East Coast dweller, California would turn into a state that lured close friends away from me. My love for California lessened. But there is that rare occasion when trekking out West is necessary. The times when you're on the verge of crumbling and an escape, and a change of scenery is the only cure, even if it's for an all-too-brief amount of time. That time is now...well, two days from now, really. The countdown is on and the anticipation is high for a much-needed break from real life. So naturally, that calls for a mixtape. A collection of songs that may not exactly be love-letters to LA, hell some on here even proclaim an utter disdain (Wild Light's "California On My Mind," The Magnetic Fields' "California Girls.") But love it or hate it, I can't help but get excited to enter the city of angels. And who knows? Maybe there won't be a need to save me from the Hollywood life. Anything is possible.


(No explanations necessary. Just a handful of songs that have gotten me in the California mood.)
1. Wild Light, "California On My Mind"
2. Delta Spirit, "California"
3. Wolf Parade, "California Dreamer"
4. Crocodiles, "Groove Is In The Heart / California Girls"
5. The Magnetic Fields, "California Girls"
6. The Raveonettes (feat. Ronnie Spector), "Ode To L.A."
7. Marina and The Diamonds, "Hollywood"
8. Suede, "This Hollywood Life"
9. Concrete Blonde, "Still In Hollywood"
10. Band Of Skulls, "Hollywood Bowl" (note: Oddly, this song isn't in Spotify)
11. Sleater-Kinney, "Hollywood Ending"

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