Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On Repeat

This is going to be quick shot of music today since I'm technically at work right now. So let's keep it a secret that I'm sharing these at this moment rather than doing actual work. I just couldn't resist posting these 3 songs that have essentially become my new obsessions. Be prepared to listen to these nonstop.

Depeche Mode - "All That's Mine"
I'll come clean, I just heard this song 20 minutes ago and I'm already on my 3rd listen. "All That's Mine" is the B-side to DM's latest single, "Heaven." While the A-side is a bit of a slow burn, "All That's Mine" is dark and pulsating, sounding like a not-too-distant relative from the Violator sessions. Look out for a new Depeche Mode album entitled Delta Machine due out on March 26th.

The Knife - "Full Of Fire"
Speaking of returns, it's been forever (7 years to be exact) since we've heard a proper album from The Knife. Their new one, Shaking The Habitual is due out in the coming months. "Full Of Fire" is its first single and it does not disappoint. An enigmatic 9-minute synth opus that successfully builds anticipation for the new full-length.

Deathday - "After Dark"
All I know about Deathday is that they're a post-punk/synth band from LA. A fellow DJ posted "After Dark" on my Facebook wall because he thought I'd like it. Not only do I like it, but it's a total obsession. Dark, gothy, danceable - all the things I love. This track will be included on a Mannequin Records compilation entitled The End Of Civilization. 

There you have it. Three songs worthy of constant rotation. Listen loud and become immersed.

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