Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixtape Revisited: Eddie Vedder Must Die!! [1995]

It's been a long time. So long, in fact, that distractions got the better of me. But here we are, ready to get back on track armed with mixtapes galore. A long-overdue March Backtracks mixtape will be up in the next few days (the above photo hints at what is expected to make the cut for that mixtape), and maybe even another one before May begins just to make up for my extended absence. But for now, it's another Mixtape Revisited. Let's go back to 1995 and have a listen to some of my musical obsessions before reaching the legal drinking age.

Eddie Vedder Must Die!! [1995]

Side A:
Grey Cell Green- Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Cape Connection- Pop Will Eat Itself
Friday I'm In Love- The Cure
Sick Of Myself- Matthew Sweet
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me- U2
I Got It Bad- Prick
Support System- Liz Phair
Hit Song- Peter Murphy
Drownin'- Sponge
Sometimes- The Jesus And Mary Chain
OK OK- Juliana Hatfield
Shallow End- Superchunk

Side B:
Divebomber- Pigface
Stutter- Elastica
Down In The Park- Marilyn Manson
Take Another- Filter
High Speed Changer- Orange 9mm
Wilma's Rainbow- Helmet
Digging The Grave- Faith No More
Cosmic Dick- Gwen Mars
Self Destruction, Part Two- Nine Inch Nails
Juke-Joint Jezebel- KMFDM
No More Love- God Lives Underwater

Thinking back on this period of time, and it's evident that 1) I hate Pearl Jam (to this day I find them painfully ordinary and boorish) and 2) industrial music is slowly but surely taking over my taste with Pigface, KMFDM, and a NIN remix making it onto the tape. But there's also slight sparks of what would become my indie rock leanings on here as well (Liz Phair and Superchunk.) That's not to say that there aren't some embarrassing moments on here. For one, the inclusion of Filter. I really wanted to like them since Richard Patrick was a former touring member of NIN. But aside from "Hey Man, Nice Shot," the track that appears here and the one they did for The Crow 2 are the only songs Filter ever did that was worth anything. Don't believe me? I have 3 words for you: "Take A Picture." Oh and Sponge...I have no excuse for that one. Consider it a lapse of judgment.

However, there are some songs on here that have held up surprisingly well. Matthew Sweet's "Sick Of Myself" is a forgotten gem. A simple three and a half minutes of power pop goodness. And then there's Gwen Mars' "Cosmic Dick." I'm pretty sure I only know one other person who remembers this one but it's just glam/grunge awesomeness with a kickass chorus, to boot ("You don't know dick!") And lastly, there's "High Speed Changer" from the highly underrated, Orange 9mm. I'm probably a little biased because I was at their first ever show together (opening for Sick Of It All at the Academy in NYC) but holy hell, this song was almost too ahead of its time. Had they come out with this song just 5 years later, they would have been huge and quite possibly, they would have saved us from the antichrist known as Fred Durst.


Mixtape Revisited: Selections from Eddie Vedder Must Die!!
1. Grey Cell Green- Ned's Atomic Dustbin
2. Cape Connection- Pop Will Eat Itself
3. Friday I'm In Love- The Cure
4. Sick Of Myself- Matthew Sweet
5. I Got It Bad- Prick **
6. Support System- Liz Phair
7. Hit Song- Peter Murphy
8. Sometimes- The Jesus And Mary Chain **
9. Shallow End- Superchunk **
10. Stutter- Elastica
11. High Speed Changer- Orange 9mm
12. Wilma's Rainbow- Helmet
13. Digging The Grave- Faith No More
14. Cosmic Dick- Gwen Mars
15. Self Destruction, Part Two- Nine Inch Nails
16. Juke-Joint Jezebel- KMFDM

** not included on the Spotify playlist

So there it is- my return to Random Ramblings & Mixtapes with one of my favorite actual mixtapes. I honestly still have this tape and I still listen to it. Coming soon, March 2013 Backtracks and much more. As always, listen loud and become immersed. 

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  1. awesomeness!! though on a side note I know what you are saying about Sick Of Myself being a forgotten gem. When I was on the Repo Man tribute with him last Fall, I would tell people, who were around in the 90's!, "yeah Matthew Sweet's on it too, you know like "Girlfriend"? Well you do know "Sick Of Myself" You don't?!" That was a hit back then and yet nobody seems to remember it.

    I hope future blog postings will have more spotify playlists!!!