Thursday, May 2, 2013

Musique Non-stop - 2013 Edition

My feet are finally hitting the ground after last weekend's activities. Though I am still quick to share the story on how I ended up with the best impromptu DJ gig ever opening for How to destroy angels and meeting Trent Reznor. I don't use the word "amazing" too often, but that night justifies usage of that word.

But things are getting back to normal. A rough work week has now led up to a 9 shows in 9 days bender. Last year, I managed to pull of a seemingly impossible 9 shows in 7 day bender. Beginning tomorrow things get nonstop and fun. So tonight's mixtape commemorates this awesome stretch of live music. It's comprised of all of the artists I get to see from Johnny Marr to Peter Murphy performing an all Bauhaus set (!!!!) to The Breeders celebrating the 20th anniversary of Last Splash to catching one of my favorite Boston psych bands' and their record-release show. It will be a week+ of living in rock clubs sporting earplugs, eyeliner, and black t-shirts...and all the while surrounded by great music.


Thursday Night Mixtape
1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song)"
2. Johnny Marr, "The Messenger"
3. Bauhaus, "Silent Hedges"
4. Palma Violets, "Step Up For The Cool Cats"
5. The Presets, "Promises"
6. Nightmare Air, "Sweet Messy Riff"
7. The Breeders, "Cannonball"
8. Ghost Box Orchestra, "Oh, The Moon Hangs Low"
9. Shout Out Louds, "Walls"

Let the fun begin. Listen loud and become immersed.

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