Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coldwave - The Opposite Of Heatwave

Sometimes thinking cool thoughts helps when battling the unbearable heat. And that’s the place where this mixtape comes from. A little bit of Coldwave to fight the heatwave. A friend had posted something similar to that statement on his Facebook page and it was soon followed by people posting French Coldwave songs. Don’t get me wrong, I dig French Coldwave; and I even dig the rebirth of Coldwave from indie electro acts like Soft Metals and Black Marble. But when I hear that word I go back to the 90’s industrial version of Coldwave – the guitar-driven, industrial dance music that was pretty much my introduction to the whole genre. This mixtape skips over the big names like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and KMFDM and instead shines a dark light on other favorites of mine like Chemlab, Birmingham 6, Razed In Black, and others. So throw on some camo shorts and Doc Martens and begin to stomp around.


Coldwave – The Opposite of Heatwave
1. Razed In Black, “Cyberium (On Speed)”
2. Deathline Int’l, “Tainted Love”
3. Sister Machine Gun, “Not My God”
4. Steril, “No Remission”
5. Hate Dept., “New Power”
6. Schnitt Acht, “Rage”
7. Chemlab, “Exile On Mainline”
8. Penal Colony, “Reconciled”
9. Birmingham 6, “Contagious”
10. 16Volt, “The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart”
11. SMP, “Electric Prod”
12. Machines Of Loving Grace, “Butterfly Wings”

And soon enough industrial music became my total obsession. This was the stuff that was suited for both dancefloors and mosh pits where it demanded loud listens and total immersion. 

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