Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Afternoon Clouds

I definitely don't hate taking a Friday off from work to just sit around the house to do a lot of nothing. Not even dreariness can spoil a day like today. So before a mid-afternoon nap takes place, and to go along with the cloudiness of the day, I figure now would be a good time to share some new music worthy of obsessing over. Going by these 5 songs, I'd say it's getting a bit more difficult to hide my goth side.

Youth Code, "Carried Mask"
A very recent discovery, this LA duo is about to release their self-titled debut in September on Dais Records and based on their demo cassette and the "Keep Falling Apart" 7", Youth Code looks to bring EBM and harsh electro-industrial out of the goth clubs. "Carried Mask" is the first taste of their forthcoming full-length and it combines the stompy rhythms of Nitzer Ebb with the acid-soaked vocals of Twitch-era Ministry, and finishes it off with a touch of techno flare. With prolific new albums from Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, and Front Line Assembly, Youth Code's timing couldn't be any better.

Chelsea Wolfe, "The Warden"
I'm a new convert to Chelsea Wolfe's music. One listen to "The Warden," the first offering from her forthcoming album, Pain Is Beauty and it becomes apparent why I've fallen for her. It's a ghostly electro-pop number that sounds like a more dancefloor-ready Zola Jesus.

Burma Camp, "Skin Depth"
A new project of Nicholas Wood, of London goth/shoegaze outfit, The KVB, Burma Camp explores the dark industrial textures that The KVB's music only hinted at. "Skin Depth" is a haunting dirge full of thunderous and foreboding rhythms. It's 6 minutes of tension that continues to build before reaching an unsettling end without ever coming to a full release.

TV Ghost, "Elevator
Indiana's TV Ghost is a band I feel I should love. Their 2011 album, Mass Dream was a slab of moody psych fuzz that should have won me over instantly, yet there was something that kept me at a distance from fully falling for them. But on "Elevator," the first taste off their soon-to-be-released, Disconnect, it seems that everything has come together a bit more cohesively, at least when it comes to my own personal leanings towards dark post-punk. Also, sounding like a close relative of Echo & The Bunnymen's "Pictures On My Wall" helps things go down a bit easier.

Girls Against Boys, "60 Is Greater Than 15"
And last but certainly not least, a new one from Girls Against Boys, a band I've loved since hearing "Super-Fire" for the first time, off their awesome 1996 album, House of GvsB. I won't lie, the fact that they were known for rocking two bassists (!!!) was an attractive feature. But there's no denying how dark and sexy their music was. With a brief flirtation with life on a major-label already behind them, these New York by way of Washington, D.C. post-hardcore vets are set to release their comeback EP, The Ghost Life. "60 Is Greater Than 15" is exactly what we'd want and expect from GvsB. More is obviously needed.

So there it is. Some cool and dark new music worthy of cranking up the volume as far as it goes. Listen loud and become immersed.

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